Add terrain or raster tiff into Unreal with Cesium

Hey everyone!

I am currently working with cesium for unreal, and my goal is right now to import the mesh into cesium to display the flood raster in 3D, with the values showing as height above terrain instead of a colour in unreal. For that I have a raster .tif which represents flood levels in metres for a region. I have converted raster tif into tin mesh using GitHub - heremaps/tin-terrain: A command-line tool for converting heightmaps in GeoTIFF format into tiled optimized meshes. and obtained .terrain file.

But now I don’t really know how to add that terrain in cesium Ion or add .terrain file in cesium for unreal directly. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance on this matter.

Thanks for reading


Hi - I did something similar…

  1. Import your TIFF into Cesium Ion as “type imagery” (there’s a quick start guide for this).
  2. In UE add a Cesium 3D Tile Set and then select its Cesium Ion Raster Overlay component. Set the Ion Asset ID in the component to the asset id you created in step 1.

does that help?

Actually, I just re-read your question - and I don’t think this helps - as you want the terrain not the GeoTIFF - duh! my bad.

However, You may be able to achieve what you want using a similar approach. Import your terrain into Cesium Ion as type “Terrain”. And then, in UE, you’d want to set the Ion Asset ID on the Tile Set not the raster overlay.

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Hi @jdh2550 I have tried this, But its not working. I am not able to import my .terrain file into cesium Ion as this was not supported and I am having issue with my .obj file as well when I import it into cesium ion, its location is not right.I am not able to adjust tileset location.

@upasna-canterbury you need to import your GeoTIFF as type terrain into Cesium ion, not your .terrain file.

Thank you, now its working