After enabling the cesium fabric, the example animation becomes invalid and the omniverse crashes

I am creating an omniverse campus roaming animation. When I put characters and action routes in the omniverse stage, their activities are normal, but when I activate the cesium fabric, the omniverse crashes. May I ask why

我在制作一个omniverse 的校园漫游动画,当我把人物和行动路线放在omniverse stage中 他的活动是正常的,但是当我开启cesium fabric之后 omniverse 就死机了,请问为什么

Hi @chunyuyebin,

We have observed some Omniverse systems and extensions experience bugs when the Fabric Scene Delegate is enabled. For example, editing Basis Curves in USD Composer with Fabric Scene Delegate enabled is currently broken, however it works fine when disabled.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do from our end to resolve this, as Fabric Scene Delegate is a system developed and managed by NVIDIA. With each new release of Kit they have been providing compatibility enhancements with Fabric Scene Delegate.

To verify it is Fabric Scene Delegate and not Cesium for Omniverse causing the problem, you can disable the Cesium for Omniverse extension in your application, but still enable Fabric Scene Delegate in the applications settings.


If you still experience the problem with Cesium for Omniverse disabled, but Fabric Scene Delegate enabled, then that will confirm it is a Fabric-related issue and you may want to log a bug with them to see if they have a fix or work around. If you don’t experience the issue, please let us know so that we can investigate further.

Unfortunately, when I enabled Fabric Scene Delegate, my animation stopped working and omniverse crashed.
It’s seem not a problem with cesium for omniverse.
This is very frustrating. How can I achieve a scene of pedestrians wandering around the campus in omniverse