Using Cesium with Replicator for data generation


I have been able to use replicator for synthetic data generation, but every time I try to use Cesium the replicator stops working. I think it has something to do with the render product in replicator, and the fact that Cesium is using the “fabric scene delegate.” Does anyone have any tips or insight on how to make replicator and Cesium work together?

Thank You!

Hi @kraig9, I haven’t used replicator before, but it’s entirely possible that the Fabric Scene Delegate setting is contributing to your issue. As this is an experimental feature, we have observed it causing issues elsewhere in Omniverse.

To verify, you could try using replicator without the Cesium for Omniverse extension installed, but with Fabric Scene Delegate still enabled. This setting can be found in the Preferences > Rendering section of OV settings, or by manually enabling in your .kit file using app.useFabricSceneDelegate = true

If you still encounter issues, it will likely be the Fabric setting. In that case, it may be worth reaching out to NVIDIA support for assistance.

I posted on Nvidia’s forums for reference. Upon further investigation it’s looking like replicator and the fabric scene delegate don’t work well together. I will change some settings and keep investigating.

Were you able to find a solution?

Hey Josiah,

My current step to fix this is to use the newly released Isaac 2024 kit 106 as this made a lot of changes to fabric. I can’t get Cesium and kit 106 to work though so I’m not sure yet whether or not this fixes my issue.

I will check that out. I did ask on the omniverse forums specifically about FSD and Replicator and they said it wasn’t supported: Replicator empty data if Fabric Scene Delegate enabled - #7 by pcallender - Synthetic Data Generation (SDG) - NVIDIA Developer Forums

The Cesium for Omniverse extension will likely require updates to be compatible with Kit 106, which we’ll be looking at in the near future. We’ll let you know once we have updated and tested the extension with Kit 106 apps.

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