Screen recording bug in omniverse cesium and movie capture

When using the recording function using movie capture on a cesium map loaded using composer version 2023.2.3, a bug such as capture occurs.

When using movie capture, the screen is displayed in gray. This problem is common in versions 2023.2.2, 2.3, and 2.5 except composer 2023.2.1 (beta).

I also checked using other map programs that start in the same location as Cesium and found that they worked normally.

There seems to be a conflict when operating using movie capture and sequence cameras. You need to check that part.

Hi @aptx5869_lee, if you have a sample USD you are able to share, that would help us to investigate and reproduce the issue.

I see please check my google drive link

@aptx5869_lee I was able to successfully reproduce this.

However, it isn’t the Cesium for Omniverse extension causing this directly, instead it is the Omniverse Fabric Scene Delegate setting causing the problem (this setting is required by Cesium for Omniverse due to the preview rendering features we use)

I verified this by creating a version of your USD that did not contain any Cesium content. Instead I replaced the terrain with some textured planes, so I could still see if your animated camera was working. I then:

  • Uninstalled Cesium for Omniverse from USD Composer
  • Loaded the USD, performed a capture, capture is successful (I can see your camera animation moving above the new planes)
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Rendering and enable Fabric Scene Delegate
  • Reload the USD
  • Attempt to capture - capture is unsuccessful. Furthermore, camera position now appears to be locked in a strange position and no longer animates)

So the end result is something about Fabric Scene Delegate is causing this issue, which isn’t unprecidented as it is a preview feature and we are aware of other features failing when it is enabled.

I can also reproduce the strange locked camera position by simply deleting the cube prim you had placed as a child on the camera.

Perhaps it has something to do with the OmniGraph in your USD not working well with Fabric Scene Delegate. I have previously animated my Cameras by directly keyframing the camera transforms, which has usually been successful. Perhaps you could try this?

I’d recommend flagging this bug with NVIDIA and seeing if they have any input.