After package for Android .There is no Cesium Map Data

Hi~My dear Cesium Team.
I have a trouble that android lose map data.
After package “Cesium for Unreal Sample” for Android use the map 01. There is no Cesium Data ,like Terrain and 3DTiles.etc.

Android Device shows like this:

I use my Cesium account to load online Cesium Severce run normally on Windows .All functions are normal.
However on Android ,lose data ,seems it does not connect to Cesium to get auth token so that cesium can not load data
What’s the problem with this?


Is there anything in the log that could provide a hint? You should be able to get the log from an Android device by using “adb logcat”.


I use adb logcat and see no useful infomation.

I guess the apk used ram is too big for my android phone(6GB).

How much ram is recommended for Cesium for Unreal on Android?

Hello ~Dear Kevin_Ring
I use another Android device it works fine .

but when I move to the highest view , I notice that some render bug on Android.see the pictures below

How can I sovle this render problem so that rendered like Windows platform?

I don’t think there’s any simple way to get the same results as on Windows, because Unreal’s atmosphere system works differently on mobile devices. Have you tried checking “Enable Mobile Rendering” on the CesiumSunSky? You may also find some of the ideas here useful:

Depending on your application, it may be adequate to simply turn off the atmosphere entirely, or fade it out as the camera height increases.


Hi ~Kevin
I enabled “use mobile rendering “
Surprise work fine
But still has another problem
When I increase camera height , The latitude and longitude will rendered like a “black line”.Is this correct ?

here is the Screenshots.