Artefact with Google 3d tiles

Hello !

On the cliff of “Cap Canaille” (France) I get those weird artefacts using Google’s 3d tiles

it seems the cliff is correct undernearth this “curtain” though:

After investigation it seems the tiles above have some issues:

Is it a known issue ?
is it possible to detect and fix those artefacts myself from CesiumJS ?

Thanks a lot !


This is an issue of the underlying data. You can see the same effect when looking at this area in Google Earth for example. This might be caused by the overhanging rocks in this area, where the actual geometry of the cliff is hard to capture.

There is no easy or generic way to fix something like this in CesiumJS or any other client: The visualization cannot compensate for missing or distorted data. You could consider reporting this issue in the Google support area: Get Help & Support  |  Google Maps Platform Support Services  |  Google for Developers


ok ! thanks a lot for your answer !