Blurred background imagery and GeoJson data in Cesium

I have compared other GIS libraries when it comes to render imagery. I'm interested in using Cesium as a 2-D gis system.

When it comes to use Bing maps and the Web Mercator Projection, the tiles in Cesium are not the same quality as OpenLayers and/or Leaflet. Attached images.

Is this an issue only in the non-comercial version, does the same happen in the comercial version?

Also, I have noticed bad rendering of the GeoJson data class (distorted lines/polygons) as opposite to the wfs implementation in Leaflet and OpenLayers which are neater.

The Web map services in Cesium (WMS) are also rendered with a loss of quality.

Is there any workaround for this?

Thanks a lot,

I think this is just a matter of the default screen space error for the Globe being 2. You can try setting this to one:

Let me know if that fixes it!

As for the lines/polygons, can you produce a similar comparison screenshot?