Map scale not accurate when using Cesium in Angular web app

When comparing the Cesium map which uses Bing tiles in my web app, objects like house and landmarks seem to have a slightly different shape than viewing them on the Bing maps website.

Bing Maps, and most other web mapping platforms, use a “web mercator” projection which introduces distortion which is what you may be seeing. In Cesium, we reproject web mercator imagery tiles to WGS84, because we need to render in 3D, which results in different visual results. Ultimately, though, any 2D projection of a 3D world will distort the surface in some manner.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the detailed response. Do you know which map tile provider would be best suited for Cesium in order to achieve the least amount of distortion. We have tried ARC GIS and Bing, Arc seems to have a little less distortion but the image quality is quite low.


I don’t know of any providers but the projection you’re looking for is usually called “Geographic”, “equidistant cylindrical”, or “EPSG:4326”.

However, if you’re just trying to match the distortion of an existing 2D map you can configure Cesium to use Web Mercator in 2D mode by configuring the mapProjection option when creating the Viewer object: It’s not more correct, but it may give the specific type of wrong you’re looking for.

I see, I will check that out.

Thanks for your help.