Calling for Geotiffs for testing upcoming product

Hello cesium community.

I am a happy user of cesium and hoping that you will bear with me for this post, if you feel that these kind of posts do not belong here. I am hoping that people in this community might be able to help me alittle.

I need geotiff example files to test a product we are developing (planning to release within the next few weeks) and these geotiffs are helping me understanding if I am on the right track with the product.

The product is a cloud based image tiling pipeline that we are using in our mapping pipeline. I know from the past years of mapping production that running gdal2tiles and similar commands are fun at first, but quickly turns into something you really don’t want to spend your time on. The product will allow upload of geotiffs and turn them into WMTS resources that can be integrated with GIS applications. We will also make code snippets that allow quickly consumption of the maps in cesium apps.

We support uploading of data on our platform, so you dont need to worry about distributing your geotiffs, and if you send me an email i will make sure that I am the only one who works with the geotiff, if its sensitive maps.

I have put together this github document with information on creating a profile if its not trivial to get started (theres also some screenshots and a video):

  1. create profile at and upload a geotiff

  2. Write an email or reply here with any questions


We are a small startup company still, so theres room for much improvement on our platform since we have first been founded now for more developers, so if you do choose to help out, i hope you will share your feedback with me at

Our company has its information at and in short, we provide small sized companies with small planes a way to create new business oppotunities by helping them with data processing and products after they are done collecting data. Examples of our clients is flying with a cessna 172 with a Nikon 800E camera taking pictures with 80% overlap and uploads the data to us, and then we process it and create the maps for them that they can sell. We have then made several other products ontop of the same data they also can sell.

We made this short video explaining this (I think its really good and hope you will take a moment to watch it):

As a sidenote we are hoping that our platform, focusing on data and products, will be something we can have external developers doing products/data visualizations on top of the data collected by our partners.