Camera stability

I’m sure some one else also has this problem where you have a tileset and trying to navigate the camera around selected point while holding control (ctrl), it’s really annoying when you accidentally click on faraway background and then you have crazy camera movement making you lose your original point of interest by moving camera away.

Interested to hear how wider community is dealing with this problem?
Maybe there is a way to make globe behave like sky, meaning that you can only pan camera if you click on the sky versus rotate around point?

Camera - Cesium Sandcastle - Google Chrome - 23 November 2022 (2)

I found this setting:


The minimum height the camera must be before switching from rotating a track ball to free look when clicks originate on the sky or in space.

Ideally I would like everything to behave as it does in track ball mode, I did try to set this value to negative number to force that but obviously did not work


I also tried to use
viewer.scene.screenSpaceCameraController.enableLook = true;

I added a camera reset button that “flies to” the current camera position but with a heading-pitch-roll value that points back at the origin, with north at the top of the screen. (I don’t have those numbers in front of me, or I’d post them here, sorry.) It doesn’t prevent the problem but it does make recovery somewhat easier.