New Default Camera Behavior - Call for Feedback

Hey everyone,

Something that I’ve personally struggled with in CesiumJS in the past is losing a model while I was inspecting it. I’d accidentally click on the horizon/behind the model and I’d pan far away like in the GIF below, and then have a hard time getting back.


We know this is something people have expressed frustration with before, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on ways to improve this! Currently, this proposed PR causes the camera to no longer pan in the direction it’s facing when below a certain height:

So if I accidentally click on the horizon, it just pans up/down/left/right as you can see below.


The catch now is to move forward you would have to zoom.

Here’s an example of the original behavior:

And here’s that same example with the new camera:

Is this better or worse? It would be great to hear how this feels in your projects and applications. You can try any example on that second Sandcastle link, or try it with your own code, to see how it feels.

Here are some examples to try as well:

If the GIFs aren’t playing, here they are, current vs new: