Can we add custom map from external source as well like openmaptiles/maptiler alond with cesium

We are looking for an option to load map with labels in languages like arabic , also the option to load other custom map along with cesium asset. Please help us on this.

“Map” is quite a generic term. Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do?

By map i was referring to map tiles / textures that load inside unreal , we where looking an option to customize the text labels and color of these map tiles.
1 - we need to get an option to change language of label (currently with bing map it shows only english text label
2 - option to color code different area to show different scenario like regions, states , country, etc


Cesium for Unreal supports Tile Map Service (TMS), Web Map Service (WMS), and Bing Maps. These are draped over a terrain surface, such as Cesium World Terrain (they can’t be rendered on their own). I can’t recommend any particular datasets in those formats that might meet your requirements, though.

Another option is to create maps in GeoTIFF format, with whatever process you like, and then upload that to Cesium ion as imagery. Cesium for Unreal can then drape those maps over a terrain surface by adding a Cesium ion Raster Overlay component to the tileset Actor.

Finally, adding entirely new raster map formats is a relatively easy thing to do, if you need to go down that road. We would welcome pull requests for common formats.