Cesium for a custom world data set

I have been working on an art project for three years, a rather complex fictional world and a very detailed world that ive crafted even further in world machine, I would like to place the terrain on cesium to help visualize it (all commons license ofcourse). I have prepared equirectangular data sets with different levels of detail for celestia and could do so for cesium too but I am lost to how to configure cesium in order to do it. do i host it on a domain along the data set, how to i simplify the GUI for just exploration, how does cesium work with a data set and levels of detail (cant find any doc or tutorial). id honestly would just like to use it to explore the data set ive produced but I cant see how to start chipping away at this. would love some help or guidance or even a tutorial if it exists.


Hi Felipe,

Sounds like a really cool project! For this, I would say that you should look into the urlTemplateTerrainProvider: https://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/UrlTemplateImageryProvider.html

To be clear, are you working with imagery and terrain? In what format is your data?


  • Rachel