Customization for external projects

Hi im Philip and im the Administrator of a collaborative world building game called the World of Gotha, i have for a while been meddling with open globe trying to create an application where user can visualize our game world much like Google earth. but to be frank im a biologist not a programer and its slow and painful progress. my target world be ideally to create something similar to outerra but frankly id settle for something simpler.

My question (Finally) would be if i could use my extensive Heighfield data of our planet and use it as terrain data instead of earth for a Cesium application, so it could pull it off our server and display our planet in our website?

Would it be possible to do this and more such as 2d vegetation and display of river networks as vectors or better?

thank you.

Hi Phillip,

Looking at the World of Gotha website, it looks like a great use case for Cesium. You can see an example of our terrain capabilities here, there’s also a terrain and water tutorial. Cesium provides both high and low-level capabilities, so there’s lots of room for customization depending on what your visualization needs our. Our vector visualization work is improving every day (most recently with support for polyline materials), so if there’s something you need that we can’t do yet, just let us know.

Well terrain wise i would like to use our own heighfiekd data, i got some exoerience at generating miltiresolution data for celestia although i assume id need a different projection here (cube right?), since using earths topography would useless to us.

I wondered if its possible to generate procedural textures for different climates with the control of a image map, and even better if forest could be simulated as in outerra. If theres no forest that ok

Rivers would be cool though im not sure how you handle that in cesium, in maps or represented as vectors?
Vectors im sure we would use for our political borders.

Is what id like to do feasible at all? From what i read it seems i could direct the application to draw data from my own server to allow it to gnerate gotha nd not earth.

Thank you for your attention, much appriciated.