Cesium for Godot?

You may know Unity announce their new plan pricing and packaging updates.

It’s still controversal.

So I wonder if CesiumGS Inc. dev team has plan for developing Cesium for Godot for who want to migrate Unity implementation to Godot engine.

The reason why I mentioned Godot engine is its script language is C#. I think most of Unity developer interested in Godot because of the language. and also engine price is zero.

I found a Godot engine proposal for cesium but It seems they give up integrate Cesium Native.

I also curious about there is someone who doing this job for Cesium for Godot. If you are please let me know.

We would love to see a Cesium for Godot, but don’t have any current plans to do it ourselves.

If someone has the interest and expertise, this would be a really good basis for an application to the Cesium Ecosystem Grants program:


Thank you for replying.

If I can clone me I will do this by my self :slight_smile:

I still use Unity everyday but near future I am not sure. and that time I will do this work.


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Yeah I would sooo much want a Godot version of Cesium. You can just replace Unity with that engine :smiley: