Cesium ground not loading on some systems


We have built an application using Unity. And some PCs, the world / ground doesn’t even load.
Attached the link below as a reference to the issue - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd-xFSwQyS4

Please check and let us know of what we could do to prevent this from happening.



A few questions:

  1. Does this always happen on all machines or is it only happening on some machines/some instances?
  2. When you say the world doesn’t load, are you referring to the WGS84 ellipsoid itself not loading or a specific global asset not loading?
  3. Are there any errors being logged when running the application?


Hi Ankit,

  1. This is happening only on some machines. We are a dev company based in India, and our clients are in the US. The clients are not able to see the ellipsoid itself. Please check the attached YT video for reference.

  2. Yes, the WGS84 ellipsoid itself isn’t loading.

  3. We do not see any errors. Is there anything in particular we should keep an eye on?

Please let me know how we can get this fixed.


Hi @TrustUp1,

Cesium for Unity doesn’t have a built-in ellipsoid; the ground always comes from some terrain tileset. So, which one are you using? Is it Cesium World Terrain? Something else? I see in your video that there are error messages related to certificate problems, so my guess is that your client’s machines, for whatever reason, do not trust the certificate provided by whatever server the application is attempting to download tiles from. To debug this further, we’ll need to know a lot more details:

  1. What platform are you running on?
  2. What version of Unity are you using?
  3. What version of Cesium for Unity are you using?
  4. Which tilesets is your application attempting to load?
  5. Does your client have a restricted network that requires a proxy server?
  6. Do you have this problem only with your own project, or does a packaged build of the Cesium for Unity Samples project also exhibit the same behavior?

Hello Kevin,

  1. We are running the application on Mac.
  2. We are using the editor version 2021.3.16f1 to build the application.
  3. We are using 1.7.1 version of Cesium for Unity.
  4. We’re attempting to load World Terrain, Photogrammetry models and few others 3d models through Cesium.
  5. No, the client does not have a restricted network
  6. The application runs fine on our editor. But fails to run as a packaged build. Facing the same issue with a packaged build of Cesium for Unity sample project.

There are no issues in our project as well. Cesium models load and we can play it in the editor.

We built the San Francisco scene from the cesium sample project.
It ran fine without any issue. However our app when built is causing issues on client’s system. We get the error Cert verify failed. Nothing loads.

Once we get this error in our app, if we try to run the san Francisco scene build, even it fails to load.

Please let us know how we can get this issue resolved as we’re nearing a demo showcase.