Cesium JS Map in Flutter application

Good afternoon,

I am looking for answers and verification on some research I did to use a Cesium JS Map in a Flutter application.

I want to use google as our imagery provider (2d only), and according to the docs it looks like GoogleEarthEnterpriseMapsProvider is the right one to use. Is that correct?

The sandbox would look something like this once I have a GEE running locally or on a server I think -

Two important features I want this map to have in the app:

  1. Support for markers, polylines, circles, and polygons.
    According to Creating Entities – Cesium this feature exists. Can these entities be updated in real time with new location data?

  2. Offline Support
    Is there a way to configure the Cesium JS Map using GEE as the imagery provider to support offline usage (Caching? Persistance? etc.)

Once these questions are answered and the Cesium map is set up, I plan to embed the map into a webView in Flutter just like any other web content. Has anyone had success with this implementation method, or come across any roadblocks?

Thanks for your help