Cesium MAPS are too old (Before my city being fully developed)

Hello, Cesium maps are from at least 2 years ago for Unreal Engine, Check out some small countries and cities… Unusable, Any idea of how to get newer data?

Checkout the difference between cesium Imagery vs a gree plugin from blender blenderGIS
I want newer data so I can at least do something with it, Also when you zoom out the Cesium imagery will go past 5 years ago…

Cesium UE4: (Even after zooming more, same old map)


So old that makes it almost useless
My city wasn’t even developed back then then
but you can clearly see that a free addon from Blender is having much newer imagery, I know Bing has newer photography of earth that is almost provided to everyone then Why Cesium is not providing those in the plugin for UE4 or UE5???

I think blenderGIS is using Overpass API and Bing data

Hi @Devlogerio,

Cesium does not host the data from Bing - it comes from Bing Maps themselves, and we have no control over their update process.

Are you sure that BlenderGIS is using Bing data? It’s possible that it is using a different imagery provider.

Also, could you share the latitude/longitude of the location you’re comparing so I can take a closer look?