Cesium Senior Application Developer, Smart Construction - Philadelphia, PA

Organization Name: Cesium

Job Title: Senior Application Developer, Smart Construction

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Mode of Work: Hybrid

Job Description Summary: At Cesium, we are creating the most advanced 3D geospatial representations of the real world to transform and shape the future of earthworks and construction site management. Leveraging CesiumJS and our 3D tiling pipelines, the Smart Construction Dashboard and Simulation web applications manage, process and visualize large amounts of 3D data. We process data from a variety of sources including UAS survey data, BIM/CIM models, and intelligent machine sensor data to generate digital twins for thousands of active construction sites worldwide.

We are currently seeking a Senior Application Developer to join Cesium’s building and supporting Smart Construction web applications. Bring your experience in JavaScript, Node.js, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL databases and contribute to the development of all aspects of these production web applications.

Job Description Link: Job Application for Senior Application Developer, Smart Construction at Cesium