Cesium UE for architecture questions

I am trying to use Cesium in UE5 for architecture and I expect I will have some ongoing questions which I figure I can probably just keep to this thread.

My first question/issue.
I am placing a house on a hillside and the hillside is visible inside the house.
Is there any way to edit the mesh within UE? I hoped the landscape tools would allow me to just deform the hillside out of the way but it doesn’t see it as landscape.
If it’s not possible to modify this within UE is there any other way to do it? I know it is possible to make some changes to tiles on the Cesium website though my understanding is limited and I don’t see how I would make changes only where the house is sitting without having the house sitting there for reference.

Hi @Yoshimitsuspeed,

There’s currently no way to edit the mesh within UE (it’s something we’re considering of the future). We do have a feature that allows you to clip away parts of a tileset, though. See the tutorial here:


Thanks, I have gotten sidetracked by another project but I will try this when I get a chance.