CesiumIon asset 35183 - how to add custom properties ?

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How to add custom properties into OBJ or DAE so the properties (like building name etc) exist in B3dm tiles?

Am confused of the workflow, where can I read more?
Would like to manually test, given a 3d model OBJ/DAE, what software to use to add custom properties like building name?

Assuming conversion to GLTF->GLB->B3DM preserves the properties.

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Trying to creating B3dm tiles (from OBJ or DAE files?) with custom attributes, just like New York City 3d tiles,

so user can hover and display feature (building) information

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There is currently no supported workflow for tiling OBJ/glTF models with metadata into 3D Tiles. The New York city example was using CityGML as the source data, which does support embedding metadata per-feature like that.

We’ve got a feature request here to add this soon: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium-ion-community/issues/132