Cesiumpolygonrasteroverlay is not directly below clipping cesiumCartographicPolygon

who can tell me WHY

Why is there no overlap, not directly below, there is displacement

Hi @lezming,

Can you describe in more detail what’s happening so we can better help you?

To check our understanding: you added a Cesium Cartographic Polygon, and a CesiumPolygonRasterOverlay to allow clipping on the tileset. In the image you sent us, is there only one Cesium Cartographic Polygon? Are you saying that the tileset is clipping a region completely outside where the polygon actually is?

It would also help to know what tileset you’re using, and to give us the coordinates where you’re trying to clip out terrain.

Check for a transformation on your Cesium3DTileset. Currently, such a transformation will not be accounted for correctly by the Cartographic Polygon (though I have this fixed in a branch so it will be solved in a future version).

Yes. the tileset is clipping a region completely outside where the polygon actually is,But now its OK ,Perhaps its an accidental mistake.

OMG,The program made the error again, today there was an offset in position, I created a polygon, then assigned 3 points, at this time run the refresh Tileset and that’s it ( cliping is not at location of

That’s all the code

Did you check to see if there’s a transformation on the Cesium3DTileset? That is, a non-zero location or rotation, or a non-one scale?

is here ?

Yep, this is the problem. Set these fields to 0.0:

We’re working on this, so in the next couple of months it should be possible to have a transformation on the tileset and for polygons to still work. But right now, you’ll have alignment issues any time the transformation is not identity.