Comparison between Cesium and Melown?

There was a Hacker News thread pointing to a somewhat similar 3D globe/mapping technology called Melown. I’m entirely happy with Cesium and have no plans to change any usage, but I was curious to see if anyone had any comments comparing Cesium and Melown in terms of capabilities and implementations.

The original HN thread is at , and one of the Melown devs commented at with some thoughts on the differences.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing.

I follow this space closely and this is the first I have heard of Melown; it doesn’t look like they have much traction.

Their comments in the HN thread about Cesium are wrong. As everyone here knows, Cesium is not 2.5D, it is full 3D based on a WGS84 ellipsoid. It supports multiple reference frames (WGS84, ICRF, east-north-up, etc). And the list goes on about the incorrect information they are spreading. It’s a shame that they didn’t take a closer look before posting.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to clear up the misunderstandings on the HN thread.