Create Asset options - parameter list

I am looking for details on the creating asset API options parameter, it states that this Contains options specific to the type of source data being uploaded. but where can I find the actual available options? Also, it seems there is position parameter available and if it is, how is this position defined in terms of relative to what?


Just to confirm that I’m not missing anything, have you selected the type of data from the dropdown? Here is a screenshot?


Hi Shehzan,

Thank you, I can see the parameter name now, I missed that that drop down somehow.

I’ve tried using this parameter but the result is not what I expected.

Initially I uploaded a set of fbx files and via API and transformed those into a single tileset and then repositioned it via web interface. When I do the same via API, namely upload the same set of fbx files and specify the same position I’ve set via web interface, the tileset is offset slightly. My question is, how to use this position parameter and what does it expect? Also I think it would be helpful to get the API equivalent position in the web interface when setting the position manually to see what the API would expect to position the tileset in the same place.


The difference might be based on the origin. When you apply the transform using the API, that is applying it to the origin pre-tiling. So you are setting the latitude-longtitude of the origin in your model.

For the Web Interface - As part of the tiling process, the model is recentered to its centroid and then the web-interface transform is applied.

As a result, if in your original model the origin of the FBX is not the centroid, then the transforms from the web tools are not directly applicable to the API options since one is pre-process option and one is post-process.