Using api to create an OBJ asset

Please let me know what the options - particularly sourceType - should be when creating an asset based on an OBJ file. I am able to upload the OBJ file and its corresponding MTL file using powershell, but cesium cannot convert it to 3D Tiles because the sourceType isn’t right.

This is the JSON I’ve tried so far in the create asset api call:

“name”: “test via api”,
“description”: “via api”,
“attribution”: “via api”,
“type”: “3DTILES”,
“options”: {
“sourceType”: “CITYGML”,
“clampToTerrain”: true,
“baseTerrainId”: 1

Is there a list of api sourceTypes somewhere?


The Cesium ion REST API documentation has a full list of available options. Specifically the POST /v/1/assets route.

If you expand the options property, it will list the available type sand then you can select the specific type to see the options available for processing that type.

OBJ files are either 3D_CAPTURE or 3D_MODEL. If you have photogrammetry-derived model or other large mesh, use 3D_CAPTURE. If you have a traditional hand-made model (such as BIM or CAD), use 3D_MODEL.



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Thank you. I didn’t realise the options property could be expanded. Now I can see :+1: