Dynamic Pawn - Performance

Hi, is there any performance difference between using Unreal’s standard pawn and Cesium’s dynamic pawn?

The Dynamic Pawn keeps its position relative to the globe, so as it moves, it’s doing a bit more computation to keep itself oriented along the Earth’s curvature. But we haven’t observed any significant performance drops during use.

Are you asking because you’re seeing a difference?

Hi Janine, we currently use the standard unreal pawn that’s modified for our own setup, rather than the Cesium pawn.

When pixel streaming, performance is quite stuttery, so trying to find a solution.

Hi @clint,

Just want to confirm – are you seeing stuttery performance only with the Dynamic Pawn? It would help to have some quantitative measures of performance between the standard Unreal pawn and the Dynamic Pawn. It’d also be nice if you described what modifications you made to the standard Unreal pawn, for comparison.