Enabling Reflections for Cesium

Hi there,

Is it possible to see your Cesium 3D Buildings in reflections? If so, how do you do it?



Ooh, I might be able to help.
Early on in this project I am doing I added a mirror to the cockpit of a simulated jet. It didn’t show anything but the sky and black.

Maybe this is a similar issue.

I had to turn off enabled frustrum culling in the Cesium World Terrain component of the level. What it does is because the tiles behind you aren’t in the view frustrum, they just aren’t drawn. If they aren’t drawn, nothing is there to reflect or in my case, for the scene capture component to “see”.

You will take a frame rate hit, as you’ll be processing tiles that are outside the view frustrum but its not that bad with a good computer.

That doesn’t seem to be working for me, unfortunately…


Hi @aidnewsome,

Did turning off frustum culling make any difference at all for your reflections?

I would expect more tiles to be loaded. You can actually check this by checking “Suspend Update” in the Cesium3DTileset. This should freeze any tile loads and let you move the camera to see what is actually loaded in your scene.

Hi Brian. Thanks again for your response. It did not. I will try “Suspend Update” tomorrow and I will report back.

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