ESA SOCIS 2013 Students Announced

We’ve just published a blog post announcing our selected student for ESA Summer of Code in Space 2013, Ognjen Bubalo.

Congratulations Ognjen and thank you to all of the other applicants! We would have loved to accept more proposals, but were only allowed to choose one. If your application was not selected, we still encourage you to join our community, contribute to Cesium, and reapply next year.


Hi Kristian,
I am sorry to have not been selected, I hope that my tentative fix ( is useful to the Cesium community and that my academic commitments leave me enough time for keeping in touch with the Cesium project.

-- Marco

Marco, you should update that pull request to see if Kevin is waiting for you to make further changes. If it’s ready we’ll take it, but I get the impression he had some review requests he wanted you to take care of. Thanks again for the code.

No it is not ready, but I would need more details as I pointed out here:

-- Marco