ESA Summer of Code in Space 2013

ESA Summer of Code in Space 2013 (SOCIS) is a program similar to Google Summer of Code, but ran by the European Space Agency for space-related open-source software so it is right up our alley.

Organization applications are due June 20, and coding is from August to November so it only slightly overlaps GSoC. (timeline)

Based on last year’s participants, I expect we would get one student.

Is anyone willing to put together our application and serve as the admin? We can reuse a lot of GSoC material and add some space-related projects, e.g., orbit tuner app, star and night light improvements, etc.


Just a reminder that the deadline for this is approaching - June 20. If anyone is interested in putting together our application and serving as the admin, let us know. At least Matt and I agree that it is a good idea, but neither of us have the time to get it rolling.


Hi all,

I’ll be serving as the administrator for SOCIS 2013. The mentor organization application is due this Thursday, June 20. If Cesium is accepted, student applicants will have from June 30 - July 15 to submit their project proposals. Since we’re already beginning to see some interest, I’ve started a page on our wiki to list space-related project ideas: If you have any ideas for specific projects, please feel free to use this space as a discussion area or add them to the wiki.




Thanks for taking the lead on this. For the idea’s page, can we update the two Cesium screenshots at the top to show better space scenarios? It will be better branding for our application.

Here’s a few project ideas:


All - our SOCIS application is due tomorrow, so please suggest projects and volunteer to mentor soon if you are interested.


I updated the project ideas page last night with short descriptions for Patrick’s previously suggested projects. I listed Matt/Scott as the mentor/backup mentor for the OWF widget based on prior mailing list discussions–let me know if this is not okay. The orbit tuner project is still in need of mentors.