Export mesh with its textures?

Hi, i have two question;

1- How can I get the area I drew in red as a mesh with its textures ?

2- How can I add coordinate information to buildings? In my model, the snow only holds the surface that is 90 degrees. Google Earth keeps snow on all surfaces because there is no coordinate information on the map. How can I solve this?

Hi @Jiyan_Konuklu, welcome to the community!

  1. Unfortunately this is not possible in Cesium for Unreal, and it violates the terms of service for many providers. It seems like you are using Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles, and I can confirm that it is against the Google Maps Platform terms of service to download their data. (See Section 3.2.3 Restrictions Against Misusing the Services).

  2. I’m not sure what you mean here. Can you please provide more information about your setup so we can help you? In particular, what plugin are you using to make the snow effect? What do you mean by “coordinate information”?

1- But it is not suitable for use in this way. I want to make a presentation to my client, but every time he turns the screen, it loads. When I rotate, it keeps loading but I’m actually in the same location. I’ll post a sample video, there is no loading here. How can i make it look like this ?

2- When it snows in unreal engine, it keeps snow on horizontal surfaces (roofs and floors). But Google Earth buildings keeps snow everywhere( walls,windows) because there is no coordinate info on cesium buildings. I think unreal engine coordinates of google earth buildings need to be introduced. I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Hi @Jiyan_Konuklu ,

If all you need is for the tilesets not to reload, you may be able to do this by…

  • Turn off Cesium3dTileset → Enable Frustum Culling
  • Set Cesium3dTileset → Maximum Cached Bytes to something very large

Thats worked, now its not reloading. Thanks Mr Brian <3

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