GeoTIFF data can no longer be linked to Omniverse

Previously, Cesium for Omniverse was used to import GeoTIFF data into Omniverse.
However, I can no longer link the same GeoTIFF asset to Omniverse: the first is a screenshot when it was loading correctly, and the second is when it is not (the button no longer appears).
The possible cause is an update of Cesium for Omniverse. Has there been any changes? Is GeoTIFF integration no longer supported? Thank you in advance.

My environment:

  • Cesium for Omniverse v0.18.0
  • Cesium for Omniverse USD Plugins v0.4.0
  • USD Composer 2023.2.2/2023.2.3

Hi @koutyan,

Thank you for reaching out. I’ve investigated this here and it looks this is an issue with v0.18.0 of Cesium for Omniverse.

While we look into resolving the issue, you can use the following simple workaround.

  1. Right click on your terrain prim in the Stage window and choose Add > Cesium > Ion Raster Overlay

  1. Select the Ion Raster Overlay prim and set the ion Asset ID to the correct asset ID from your Cesium ion account.

  1. The imagery layer should appear on your terrain

I have logged an issue in the Cesium for Omniverse Github repository here which we will update as we investigate.

Hello @ryan_veenstra ,
Thank you for your response! I have been able to confirm that the interim workaround is working, and I hope the Issue will be resolved.

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@koutyan this should now be resolved in our 0.20.0 release.