Omniverse Quickstart -Terrain not showing up

working on the Omniverse quickstart. one thing is i downloaded Omniverse USD Composer 2023.2.2
because the 2023.2.1 was not listed
got to Step 3: Add a globe to your scene.
everything in the STAGE tab was good to go
removed GROUND as directed
selected tge Cesium World Terrain + Bing maps Aerial imagery
BUT the terrain never showed up in the program.
Should i have downloaded the newer most up to date Omniverse USD Composer?
or am i missing something else

That version of Omniverse Composer should be fine. Did you do the steps in the tutorial which configure the camera?

One thing to check is make sure that you have a Cesium World Terrain added to your assets. If you have removed it from your assets you will not be able to access it. If you have removed it, you can add in back to from Asset Depot.