Getting started Dependency locations

I’m currently trying to follow the “Getting Started” guide for Unity. I work on a secure network and need to add certs to a .pem file for unity to be able to resolve dependencies.

I was able to get it to resolve the com.unity.cesium dependency, but not the com.unity.mathematics or com.unity.render-pipelines.universal dependencies. I don’t know where the cesium registry is looking to get those so I can’t grab the cert from my browser and add them to my cert bundle.

Does anyone know where those dependencies are being stored that cesium is using?

They don’t appear to be on npmjs due to security issues so I can’t go there.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @epratt000,

Those dependencies are supplied by Unity themselves and are found in the official Unity package registry that Unity automatically uses to resolve dependencies. I don’t know the hostname of the Unity package registry offhand, but this page may be helpful:

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest posting to the Unity forum.