Help with undefined DeveloperError: Rotated extent

I was loading a kml file which contains a url to a mapserver, this mapserver provide imagery for some part on the map. It used to work on Goole Earth, however, when i loaded it on Cesium, there is a fatal error and Cesium stopped working:

An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
DeveloperError: Rotated extent is invalid.

I cannot understand this error and since the url is private that I am sorry I can not share it. Can anyone help me with this error?



‘Extent’ is the old name we had for ‘Rectangle’. We must have missed updating this error message when we renamed the object.

But this error message is happening because Cesium cannot render rectangles that cover either the north or south pole when rotated.

To get around this error, I think the best solution is to remove those rectangles from your KML file. It that isn’t feasible, you can try editing the Cesium code to work around the error.

The error is being thrown in this file: