How to get non-satellite globe?

Hi community,
I wanted to ask if it is possible to style the globe with some kind of non-satellite overlay like in this example:

Is this possible and does anyone know of an example or matching assets that could be used for this?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Cesium community @jalibu! Have you tried out the base layer picker widget in the top right? That has an example of a few different imagery layers available from your Cesium ion account, including the “Bing Maps Roads” which is just the roads/features without the satellite imagery:

Otherwise, any WMTS/TMS imagery you find/have you can load it in your CesiumJS app, or you can create your own by uploading a GeoTIFF to Cesium ion.

What kind of project are you working on?

Thanks Omar for your response.
As a beginner it was difficult to use the right terms for my own question. But your answer helps me a lot.
I would like to represent the globe as abstract as possible (like on my screenshot). No names, no rivers, etc. Just flat, monochromatic continents.

To make my question more concrete: Is there a library with freely available WMTS/TMS imagery in addition to those from the widget?