How to Keep Specific GLB Models, Entity Boxes, or PolylineGraphics Always Visible in CesiumJS?

I am working on a project using CesiumJS where I need to ensure that certain 3D models (GLB files), Entity boxes, or PolylineGraphics are always visible, even when they are behind other models. Additionally, these elements need to be dynamically movable within the scene.

I am facing a challenge where these specific elements are sometimes obscured by other 3D models in the scene. I’m seeking a way to render these elements (GLB models, Entity boxes, or PolylineGraphics) in such a way that they remain visible at all times, regardless of their position relative to other objects.

Furthermore, I need to dynamically move these elements during the simulation. This movement should be smooth and should not affect the visibility requirement mentioned above.

Could anyone provide guidance or examples on how to achieve this? Any advice or pointers to relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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