How to provide GeoReference at Runtime, via Parameter?

We are spawning,multiple 3dTilesSet at runtime, and we want to set the same GeoReference for all the 3dTileSet Object, and GeoReference Object is already available inside level.

It always spawns a new GeoReference we want to bypass that, how should we do this?

Hi @carlrealvr,

You should be able to set the Georeference property on each tileset with the appropriate CesiumGeoreference to use from your level.

If a Georeference isn’t explicitly specified, the tileset will try to find one by 1) looking for a CesiumGeoreference in the level that has the DEFAULT_GEOREFERENCE tag attached to it, or, failing that, 2) looking for a CesiumGeoreference in the level with the name “CesiumGeoreferenceDefault”.