how to view object underground

I want to build a 3D map to management underground pipeline, such as sewers, inspection shaft and others, how to do?


Cesium does not currently have underground support. It is one of our most frequently requested features, and we would like to add support soon but we’re working on other things with higher priority at the moment.



Hello Hannah,
Is the current 1.40 version support ground view now?
I found an issue here is when I changed the position of model from above ground to underground (negative height), the camera has limitations on tilting, pitching and rotating, How can I setting the camera to get the same for underground model the effect when the model above ground? like which part should be modified in the source code?
looking forward to hearing from you.
Ping Yang (Peter)

Hi Ping Yang,

There are now some ways in Cesium to display models underground, see this thread on terrain transparency and this PR includes clipping terrain. As for the camera control, checkout the Camera tutorial, which includes modifying how the camera behaves based on input. The camera code is in Source/Scene/Camera.js. You probably don’t have to modify the source code directly, but if you do, please consider contributing it to Cesium.