html5 video integration into cesium?

I’m interested in integrating video in the Cesium map, within a window (initial) or draped on the terrain (goal). What’s the latest in the examples for this?

I’ve looked at the Synchonized HTML5 Video with GPS Data blog, but I’ve been confused by the fact that DynamicPath appears to be obsolete – or at least not in the current documentation – and that DynamicVideoMaterial also appears to not be in the mainstream. Are these features still in the development phase, or have they changed names?


Hello Kirk,

The DynamicPath was part of the old datasources layer, which was replaced by Entities. You can create a path with viewer.entities.add({path: …})

See PathGraphics for details about the parameters.

Matt was working on a video material on this branch:

I’m not sure what the status of it is though, or if it could be used for this type of application.

This article may be helpful though:

It was published in May, so it is way more up to date than the blog post you found.



I actually just updated the video-material a few days ago in response to a similar question, see this thread for details:

However, video draped on terrain is not yet supported out of the box (since the GroundPrimitive can only do colors currently). As soon as we have textured GroundPrimitives, video should be a breeze.

Hannah, Matthew,

Thank you both for your feedback and your links.

In your development timeline, when do you anticipate textured GroundPrimitives?

Thank you,


There’s no set timeline at this point; but hopefully within the next 6 months at the latest. I also just opened which officially adds support for video textures.