iOS support please

Please don’t forget about the iOS port.
Currently working on version 2 of a Flight Simulator (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS)
The plan was to use Cesium ion in this new version.
I got a prototype working on Windows/Mac/Android but can’t compile on iOS because of lack of support.
I’m really disappointed as iOS is one of the most important platforms for our game. :disappointed:

Hi @SilaKayo,

I can’t promise when the Cesium team will get to iOS support, but Cesium for Unreal is open source and there most likely aren’t any major barriers to getting it working. In fact, there’s a chance that with the right development environment it’ll “just work.” So if you have the bandwidth, please give it a try, let us know how you go, and open pull requests for any necessary changes. The developer setup guide is the place to start:


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