Keep particle spline stick on the source and target actor

Hello all,
I got some problems here,when I am trying to stick the particle on source and target actor which at some accureate position base on cesium coordinates ,it will work just like the first image show below.

but when I uesing DynamicPwan to begin play,the particle just some kind of ghost floating around as following images,has anyone know how to fix that?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Atritt,

On the Georeference, could you try unchecking “Keep world origin near camera”? Let me know if doing that changes the issue in any way.


Yes! the issue is fixed, I didn’t thought about like this, cauce i am done in the previous tested project, it just shifting then somehow will rebase at where it was, little bit wired. But it won’t work for this project, i thought it might have some problems with the actor Georeference.

Seem like I made a wrong guess. Your reply solved this issue, Thanks for the Help!


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