Cesium, splines, and rebasing

I am running into a very strange issue with splines when Cesium rebases. A simple test is to animate an actor along a spline and then trigger a rebase. My spline has a cesium georeference on it, so after rebasing it stays where it is. What I’m seeing is that the spline stays put, but the thing animating along it is off somewhere else. So far, the only way around this is to completely destroy my splines and start over every time it rebases. This works, but it’s pretty expensive.

To view the spline in Unreal, check “draw debug” and then make a console command node that executes “show splines” at the start.

Example code to animate along a spline

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Does anyone who uses splines in Cesium have a solution to this?


The problem was right there in the screenshot… I set it to local instead of world :man_facepalming:

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