KML/KMZ file not loading again

Dear Community,
Please I am new to Cesium, just starting using it few weeks ago.
I had previously loaded a KMZ file on cesium js (1.105) using the viewer.dataSources.add(Cesium.KmlDataSource.load('../../../../kmzfiles/myfile.kmz',options)) and works fine then. However, when I ran the same code today I started gettting errors on the console: KML-SchemaData is unsupported. See the first 34 lines of the KMZ/KML file below.

Earlier in the day, I dupicated my code and used Cesiumjs 1.105.1 in the new copy of my code that was working fine. Upon running the new code, I got KML-SchemaData is unsupported. I quickly revert back the other copy of the code that was working previously. Unfortunately, I got the same error and nothing was shown on the Cesium viewer.

Please, could someone help me figure out what could have happened and how to over come this error and the KMZ file working again. Please its urgent as I have to demonstrate the working code tomorrow morning,


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
  <Document id="root_doc">
    <Schema name="RAS" id="RAS">
      <SimpleField name="FID" type="float"></SimpleField>
      <SimpleField name="Count" type="float"></SimpleField>
      <SimpleField name="Length" type="float"></SimpleField>
      <SimpleField name="Area" type="float"></SimpleField>
      <SimpleField name="Depth" type="float" xmlns="" />
      <SimpleField name="Velocity" type="float" xmlns="" />
      <SimpleField name="Water Surface Elevation" type="float" xmlns="" />
      <Placemark id="0">
        <styleUrl xmlns="">#MapStyle</styleUrl>
          <SchemaData schemaUrl="#RAS">
            <SimpleData name="Depth" xmlns="">1.77ft</SimpleData>
            <SimpleData name="Velocity" xmlns="">0ft/s</SimpleData>
            <SimpleData name="WSE" xmlns="">1475.04ft</SimpleData>
              <coordinates>28.1212028693852,-26.8660689231842,0.06 28.1211939998369,-26.8660283899286,0 28.1211923222076,-26.865858269902,0 28.1212599375298,-26.8657981610221,0.11 28.1214931093758,-26.8657963112156,0.47 28.1214957755242,-26.866066599532,2.04 28.1212028693852,-26.8660689231842,0.06</coordinates>
        <name xmlns="">Depth:1.77ft</name>