Looking for some good first bugs


I am interested in contributing to Cesium. Are there any good-first-bugs that might help me get familiar with the code?

Is there an IRC channel where i can interact directly with the developers?

A bit about me: I am a Mozilla contributor currently working on Firefox OS and Identity. https://github.com/MrDHat


We don’t have an IRC channel, so this forum is the best way to interact with us. Personally I’ve been intrigued by Firefox OS since I first heard about it, but we don’t own any hardware that runs it. If you do, I’d be curious to learn how well our Cesium test suite fares on the platform, can you run it there? Can you get a CesiumViewer running inside a Firefox OS app? I know Firefox OS is targeting low-end hardware first, so maybe Cesium isn’t a good fit for the platform, but I’m curious to discover where we stand with that.



Currently i do not have a Firefox OS device with me. I use the nightly build to hack into FF OS.
However, in this case, a simulator would serve the purpose. I’ll try running cesium on Firefox OS and let you know the results.



We are always looking for help. The easiest way to start would be to simply look through the issues currently on our Github page. If you see anything you think you would be interested in, let us know and we could probably offer some suggestions. We also have a bunch of issues on the Roadmap (https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/wiki/Roadmap) that might help generate some ideas as well. If none of those get you started, I’m sure we could find something that matches your skill set (or a new skill set you’d like to pick up).