Material slot in CesiumWorldTerrain does not accept MaterialInstances

Hi all, I can assign a Material to the CesiumWorldTerrain as an override but I can’t assign a MaterialInstance to the same slot. Is this a bug or is this by design?


Hi @mahalobay ,

Thanks for bringing it up - we have an issue and pending PR for enabling use of Material Instances, you can check that out here: Allow Cesium 3D tileset materials to be set to Material Instances as well as materials · Issue #317 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

Hi @xuelong ,

Thanks for the update and thanks to your entire crew for answering soooo many questions and keeping everyone updated! :slight_smile:

For the non-code-savvy users on here (me included), how long does a pull request take to eventually make it into a plugin update? I have no immediate need for it so it’s not urgent for me, but would be great to have a rough idea. Thanks!


Hi @mahalobay

Our pleasure :slight_smile:

We currently have a release scheduled for roughly every month. Once the PR is merged, it will be available immediately in master branch on our cesium-unreal repo if you want to have the latest updates, and the binary distribution of the plugin on the Marketplace will be updated next month.

Good to know, thanks!

Just to circle back on this - the fix for this issue was included in our v1.1.0 release in April. We just now released v1.2.0, please update to see the latest features and fixes.

Hi, yes! I picked up the update and did actually get Material Instances assigned. Thanks so much!