Meaning of numbered folders within "terrain" folder?

Hello, I’m new to Cesium so apologies for any newbie misunderstandings.

I am streaming a tileset.json to Unreal Engine through an http link. The tileset.json file is in a folder that also contains a “terrain” folder, and I am trying to understand the meanings of the numbered folders within the “terrain” folder. The numbered folders go from 0-19; within each folder is another set of numbered folders, and each of those numbered folders contains a bunch of .glb files. I am assuming the .glb files are the tiles. But what are the numbered folders that the .glb files are nested inside?

Is anyone able to explain the meaning of this hierarchy? Thanks so much.

Hi - Can you share the source of this data? Since 3D Tiles doesn’t mandate a specific directory structure, each authoring pipeline can create their own. The matter that all the valid tiles are correctly listed in the tileset.json.

Hi, I meant to follow up on this thread and forgot to until now. I ended up figuring it out. In my case, the numbered folders were x/y coordinates for the tiles at each LOD level. Thanks for your reply!