Need support, cannot email you

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Cannot email you. Is there a way for me to monitor my account usage? I have been looking at and experimenting with the javascript source code for my own personal software engineering interest. Now my account has been disabled and emails to query this bounce?? Now this is the only way I have of getting hold of someone for support is through this.

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.

1.45 (as this was the latest version when I first downloaded, and have not upgraded my release version since as that is where I have my source code comments)

Further clarification: that is the address that is bouncing emails to me and here was my email:


Is there a way for me to monitor this usage "as I go"?

This month I've used cesium a bit for experimental / prototyping purposes as I have been looking into how the javascript source code is implemented for my own interest, but did not think my usage should be very high at all.


Hey Marijn,

I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m looking into this right now. Just to make sure I understand, do you mean your ion account is disabled? Are you no longer able to get Bing satellite imagery in your application?

For technical support you can always reach out to for a quicker response. Can you send an email there to confirm that the emails don’t bounce? Also, if you’re simply testing and don’t need high resolution satellite imagery, I would suggest using the Natural Earth imagery ( that ships with Cesium so it doesn’t count against your Bing usage. You can also monitor your usage on ion here:

Thanks Omar

Emailing still gets me the autoreply "The account marijn@ne**** is disabled." The monitor usage website you refer to is useful yes. I did not know that existed. If you can enable my account again (mweehuizen) I will try and ensure I don't hit the api unnecessarily. Thanks for your help and sorry for any trouble caused. Cesium really is very cool browser technology.



That’s odd. I just sent you an email from Let me know if you didn’t receive it.