Old chrome version - billboards and text do not render

I am running chrome version 65.0.3325.181 (Ubuntu 14.04) on an embedded armv7l device. Cesium 1.83 either locally or from https://sandcastle.cesium.com/

The text and billboards cause chrome to crash with a few different ‘Fragment shader’ errors.

We do not have the option to update chrome so need to see if we can find a work around. The overall performance of Cesium is very good and all the other features wok well.

What can we check and/or disabled/set?


This problem is somewhat difficult for me to debug, as it would require me to install a deprecated version of Chrome on a specific device configuration. However, a few thoughts come to mind:

  1. In our documentation, we see that BillboardGraphics has a show member which can be set to true or false. Setting this value to false may prevent the billboards from causing Chrome to crash. A similar method could be used for text.

  2. Could you temporarily run an earlier version of Cesium until you can update Chrome? Would this fix the issue?

Let me know what you think!