Perfect tool for getting photogrammetry and testing

download in description. It downloads photogrammetry from Google. It works out of the box with Cesium. Simply download the area, put the textures into the modellib folder and upload everything to Cesium. Cesium will handle the glTF files perfectly. Do not forget to set location is Cesium for the file (simply copy paste of lat/long coords). It will be there if you start it up in Unreal.

Hey thanks for sharing this, i tried it out and was wondering how to adjust the placement.
i just tried the lat,long inside objects.xml in the scene folder, but it’s still inaccurate although close. Am i missing something? Do i just manually tweak it with the the gizmo inside the ion upload?

You can adjust the location on the cesium website. Right on top of the preview window there is a button that brings you to the menu. there you can just copy paste lat/long that you get from google maps by right click.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get licenses for this dataset? Would love to use this in a commercial setting.


I used the tool and managed to add some tiles as an asset and match the positioning… however the quality is really bad, nothing like yours.

How did you get the building so high quality, is it just good data in the first place?


edit: I dont even have buildings on mine so a bit more on how you managed that would be great too!

In the tool, there is an LOD tab. Move the sliders all the way to the right, then download.
On the Cesium website, I uploaded as 3D Model (tile as 3D tiles)

This worked instantly, although processing on Cesium after upload takes a bit.

Hi Everyone - Thanks for sharing this and this looks very nice.

While Cesium ion lets you upload your own data for tiling and streaming, I wanted to add a friendly reminder that Google’s terms of service are generally prohibit loading Google’s data into other products (thats why we can’t add Google Maps to CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal for example). Google has a blanket ban on loading Google Maps data into non-Maps products (see Google maps instead of Bing maps please - #2 by Shehzan_Mohammed).

I am not a lawyer, so I would recommend that you to please check with your teams about your usage of Google’s data to make sure you are using the data and service within the terms of service.


yes, this is definitely only for testing purposes.

fun fact though: for the flight simulator, people include google photogrammetry a lot. There were even news all around the internet around release of the simulator because people noticed how bad Bing is and started ripping google stuff. No way this went unnoticed by google.
The mod website has over 600 models, all ripped photogrammetry from google.

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hmmm, sorry for the noob question, but after downloading a map from that link, I didn’t know how to import it to Cesium Unreal Engine…any help?