polylineVolume cut direction change?


Is there a possible way to change polylineVolume cut direction from vertical into another desirable degree?

Hi @isro,

Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we do not have any option to specify the cut degree of a polyline volume. If you want to share more details about what you need this functionality for, I can try to see if there are other options / workarounds.

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Hi @janine,

Thank you for the response. actually i working on the project that includes creating mining borehole data. the data including a long line and azimuth + dip could change every 5 meters depth. the app have 3D visualization as well for each entity, so i used polylineVolume for more easy approach (but this approach always make the circle vertically, not by given dip degree). I have tried to use cylinderGraphics before, but i cannot calculate the slope properly to connect each segment (when CesiumTerrain toggle on).

Here’s the example, that i got from internet:

The data that have been provided are:

  • coordinate
  • dip / plunge
  • azimuth / bearing
  • true vertical depth